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No-compromise pool care and maintenance through genuine know-how

At The Pool Service Co., our philosophy is simply to keep your pool in perfect operating condition. We'll protect your investment, prolonging the life and enjoyment of your pool.

Partner with us and expect a deeper level of professional care and service excellence, backed by expert leadership and the comprehensive systems and processes of the I've Got Time premium service group.

Refreshingly consistent quality of service

Unlike most pool service companies, we don't operate with seasonal, part time or casual staff.

Instead we've added to our full-time expert team, having grown to care for more than 100 pool service customers in Sydney... and counting.

This approach ensures the delivery of the exceptional service our clients have grown to love - and means you'll know exactly who's coming by to maintain your pool with a consistency you can rely on.

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About us

Unrivalled experience

The Pool Service Co. is managed by team leader Martin Wright, an expert in the business with a peerless wealth of knowledge and experience. Martin's unwavering belief in great service was cultivated as a construction supervisor and plumber with his father's business, Wright Pools, one of Sydney's most respected and established pool building companies.

The value our customers enjoy when they engage The Pool Service Co. all springs from the passion and pride Martin and his team take in delivering the best possible care for your pool.

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A deeper level of swimming pool expertise

The Pool Service Co. excels in a range of core services including:

An expertly balanced pool using minimal chemicals is critical for the longevity of your pool and its finishes, especially regarding particular paints and tiles. An investment in care for your pool is vital to maintain its value. At The Pool Service Co. we can also manage your broader pool requirements - including tiling, solar heating systems, specialist plumbing and more.

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We know you'll love how The Pool Services Co. cares for your pool... just like our current customers.

We love having The Pool Service Co. clean our pool each week. They always do such a great job!

Jessica Edgecliff

We recommend The Pool Service Co. to everyone we know who needs pool maintenance. They’re really professional, do a great job, and they’re easy to work with too. What more could you ask?

John Point Piper

I'm busy with several businesses, so the guys simply take the stress out of keeping my pool in great shape. From the vacuuming to the tile scrubbing, I’d recommend Martin and his team to anyone.

Sophie Pymble

My pool is actually an asset, I need it in pristine condition for as long as possible. The Pool Services Co. understands this, so that’s why I’m a happy customer. The water balancing is spot on, and they leave it impeccable every time.

Tom Palm Beach

Anyone can clean your pool, but the service from The Pool Service Co. is at another level. They really care about doing a great job, so it’s always a pleasure to have them come by.


Get in touch and let's talk about how we can keep your investment protected and your pool beautiful. Feel free to call us on 02 9905 5992 or use the form below and we'll get back to you.